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Answer :- FORD’S Plumbing handles both residential and commercial plumbing service calls throughout the Southland and is located on the West Side.


Answer :- FORD’S Plumbing & Heating main offices are located at 3516 Schaefer Street in Culver City, CA 90232


Answer :- FORD’S Plumbing & Heating was founded in Culver City, CA. in 1963 and has served the Southland’s residential and commercial plumbing & heating needs for over 50 years.


Answer :- Absolutely; We’re often referred to as the Southlands 24/7 Emergency Service Plumbing & Heating Experts!


Answer :- Yes, we can install any and all types of plumbing & heating hardware and fixtures. We can also hook-up water lines to appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines etc…


Answer :- We warranty 100% of our workmanship! We also stand behind the quality and manufacturer’s warranty on fixtures, products and appliances that customers purchase directly from FORD’S. We also warranty 100% of our workmanship on the installation of fixtures and products purchased elsewhere, but we can’t warranty plumbing and/or heating fixtures, hardware or products purchased elsewhere. If your plumbing fixture, product or hardware came with a manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s dealer where you originally purchased the fixtures or products is responsible for fulfilling the terms and conditions of your warranty.


Answer :- Yes. We’re certified, licensed (#212030) and fully bonded plumbing contractors in California.


Answer :- Most water main shut-off valves are located at the front or side of the house.


Answer :- Water heaters typically last 10-12 years. Annual preventative water heater maintenance is relatively inexpensive and extends the life of conventional tank water heaters.


Answer :- No, we provide free plumbing estimates and consultations


Answer :- Trenchless is the only way to go. Trenchless sewer line replacement has 90% fewer mechanical connections, a seamless pipe with 100 year service life and it’s very pliable so it won’t be adversely affected by earth movement, settling or earthquakes. It’s also the least invasive method currently on the market allowing driveways, sidewalks and yards to remain in-tack while the new sewer line is being installed beneath the surface.


Answer :- The long list of benefits makes tank-less water heaters a great alternative to conventional tank water heaters. Tank-less water heaters provide unlimited, continuous hot water and eliminate the wasteful reheating of hot water stored in a tank. They require a lot less space, need less servicing and use less energy than tank water heaters. Tank-less water heaters don’t heat water until water flow is detected, so no energy is wasted keeping water hot. On the other hand, conventional tank water heaters store hot water and automatically fire up to keep the water in the tank hot rather you’re using it or not. An added bonus is that tank-less water heaters reduce utility bills while reducing the emission of carbon monoxide and other pollutants.


Answer :- Normal water pressure for a residential home should be between 30-60 psi.


Answer :- There are all kinds of methods that might eliminate odor problems. One method is to pour a box of baking soda down the disposal while it is on and with the water running. You can also try pouring a cup of automatic dishwashing soap down the disposal while it is on and the water is running.


Answer :- There’s no one right answer and it could be any number of problems. The most likely cause is a leaking water control diaphragm. But it can also be a faulty fill valve, a bad tank-to-bowl gasket or loose leaking seals on the tank mounting bolts.

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