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Consistent preventative maintenance extends the life of all your home systems and keeps them in tip top shape so they perform as expected when needed.

Furnaces, heating systems and heat pumps can appear to be functioning properly when on an occasional basis, but small inexpensive repairs can become large expensive headaches if they’ve been or improperly maintained.

There’s no reason for that to happen to you with FORD’S Plumbing & Heating. FORD’S has been providing courteous, reliable and quality heating services at affordable prices to residential and commercial customers throughout the Southland since 1963.

We offer affordable, reliable and professional heating system cleaning, repairs, replacements, new installations and maintenance services in our Southland service area as well as 24/7 Urgent Response Emergency Heating Services.

Heating System Repair – Early Warning Signs

The most obvious sign that your furnace, heating system or heat pump needs to be looked at is when it starts making loud strange noises that you’ve never heard before. Whistling, shrieking or grinding noises could mean your blower motors are wearing out. Booming or echoing noises could indicate that dirt and grime have covered your blowers and igniting has become difficult.

It’s also time to call FORD’S for a heating tune-up is when the level of heat and comfort begins to decline or if you notice cold areas in your home where they shouldn’t be. Another good tip-off to something being “not right” with your furnace or heating system is a sudden jump in your utility bills during the months when you use your heater the most.

Mechanical and electrical as well as internal malfunctions are much less obvious and can lead to serious problems if not caught and repaired soon enough.

Furnace and heating system repair isn’t a great place for Do-it-Yourselfers to expand their horizons. The internal features of furnaces, heat pumps and heating systems might not look complex, but repairs require trained and experienced heating professionals. Heating repair can also be potentially dangerous, especially for gas–powered furnaces, so it just makes sense to leave repair work of this nature to experienced professionals who know the proper safety precautions.

FORD’S licensed and certified heating experts are trained to accurately diagnose and locate heating system malfunctions, offer viable, affordable and long term heating solution options to residents and homeowner and resolve heating problems and malfunctions in the most effective, affordable and dependable manner possible.

Call us today at 310-815-1515 and upgrade your furnace, heating system and heat pump experience by making FORD’S Plumbing the #1 choice for all your heating needs.

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