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Gas furnaces continue to be the heating system of choice for residential real estate developers and homeowners alike. The benefits of gas furnaces vs. other mainstream fuel sources was so overwhelming that over 80% of residential housing built in the U.S. over the last 5 years included gas furnaces or gas heating systems.

Gas furnaces are energy efficient, reliable and generate a level of heat that no other can match. In addition, the average annual cost of running a gas furnace vs. electric is substantially cheaper.

FORD’S Plumbing & Heating has been providing courteous, reliable and quality heating services at affordable prices to residential and commercial customers throughout the Southland for over 50 years. Our highly skilled heating technicians can repair any gas or electric furnace related problem and our maintenance program will keep your heating system tuned-up and running like a champ for years to come.

Call us today at 310-815-1515 and upgrade your heating experience by making FORD’S Plumbing & Heating the #1 choice for all your heating needs.

Benefits of Installing a Gas Furnace:

Maintenance/Reliability – Gas furnaces are fairly inexpensive to maintain and historically require only minor repairs because they rarely break down. A gas furnace should save you time and money on furnace repairs and/or replacements.

Lower Monthly Utility Bills – Using a gas furnace can reduce your utility bill and save you money every month. Gas is the cheapest, cleanest and most efficient fossil fuel available. Gas is cheaper than other fuels and you burn less than other fuels to reach your desired temperature. It just makes good common sense to burn less of a cheaper fuel in order to save money.

Extended Lifespan – A properly maintained gas furnace should provide approximately 20 years of reliable service.

Increased Efficiency – Gas is the most efficient fossil fuel that you can burn. Today’s gas furnaces can achieve efficiency levels as high as 98 percent and produces more per amount burned than any other fuel source.

Eco-Friendly – Gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and emits extremely low levels of ground level smog pollutants and contaminants. In addition, the emission of greenhouse gas is far lower for gas than it is for other fossil fuels.

Benefits Go Beyond Your Pocketbook

A gas powered furnace heats the air faster and to a higher temperature than other fuel sources, so it uses less energy and is less expensive, but the benefits don’t stop with your monthly utility bill.

Using gas instead of an alternative fuel source is less expensive, but it’s also helps preserve our natural resources. Gas heating systems burn more efficiently and have fewer emissions than other fuels, so they have less of an impact on our environment.

Advances in fuel technology has also help widen the gap between gas and other fuel sources. Automated zone heating systems and pilot-less ignition systems etc…allow today’s homeowners to customize their heating systems to meet their personal needs. Combine all the benefits listed above with the fact that gas furnaces have almost twice the lifespan of other furnaces and it’s easy to see why homeowners continue to rank gas furnaces and heating systems as their top choice to fulfill all of their residential heating needs.

Gas Furnace Tune-ups, Maintenance & Repairs – Get the Most from Your Gas Furnace

You Can Pay a Little Now or a Lot Later!

If you didn’t tune-up or maintain your car on a regular basis, the odds of it breaking down needing significant repair work and the same is true with any system in your home including your furnace.

The expected lifespan of an average gas furnace ranges from 10-12 years, but regular tune-ups and proper maintenance can extend the useful life of your furnace for an additional 5-10 years with no significant loss of performance.

Furnaces aren’t showcased in homes like a shiny new Sub-Zero refrigerator or a gleaming state-of-the-art Viking range. Furnaces are always tucked away in a closet or hidden in garage, yet they continue to provide dependable service day after day and year after year.

In fact, the only time furnaces get any attention is when there’s a problem. Tune-ups and proper maintenance on a regular basis can extend the useful life of your furnace and keep it performing at optimum levels for years. Let FORD’S Plumbing & Heating professionals give your furnace the attention it needs so you don’t have to.

FORD’S Heating Specialists are experts at identifying future areas of concern and can proactively perform small inexpensive repairs before they turn into large, inconvenient and expensive nightmares.

If your old gas furnace needs to be tuned-up, repaired/replaced or if you’re considering the switch from electric to gas then you’ve come to the right place. FORD’S Plumbing & Heating professionals are licensed and certified heating system experts. They maintain an up-to-date furnace and heating system knowledge base and can quickly locate heating system malfunctions or problem areas and recommend affordable and effective long term options.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and we’ll help you eliminate any small little problem areas before they turn into big expensive nightmares. Call us today at 310-815-1515 and find out why FORD’S Plumbing & Heating should be the #1 choice for all your heating needs.

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