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Conventional Sewer/Water Line Cleaning & Maintenance

There are hundreds of reasons why sewer and water drain lines become clogged and stopped up. Conventional methods such as rodding, can punch holes through pipe blockages in order to get drains flowing again, but rodding doesn’t scour your pipe or completely clear the blockage or debris that clogged your drain line in the first place. That said, FORD’S Plumbing can’t guarantee that your drain line is completely clean and free flowing after rodding work has been completed.

Main Causes of Sewer/Water Drain Line Blockages

1. Root Infestations – Blockages from tree root infestations are far and away the most common cause of a stopped or clogged sewer and water main lines. Root growth is a never ending problem and although rodding with chemicals can slow root growth, it can’t be stopped unless the root source is removed or a new line is installed. Root infestations inherently get worse over time and preventative rodding on a frequent basis is the only way to keep roots from eventually collapsing the main sewer line.

2. Grease Blockages – Grease blockages occur in waste or sanitary lines with the culprits being your sink, dishwasher and garbage disposal. Grease blockages happen far less frequently that root infestation, but they’ve much more difficult to clean and maintain. Rodding can usually punch through a grease blockage to get your drain line flowing again, but excess grease tends to drip together resulting in further drain blockages. Grease stoppages can be prevented by installing grease receptors, periodic rodding and by the frequent use of preventative maintenance chemicals specifically designed to reduce drain grease and oil.

3. Food Related Blockages – Many people aren’t aware of the best practices or “Dos & Don’ts” of proper garbage disposal use. Proper maintenance requires running the disposal while the cold water is on for at least 2 minutes before and two minutes after using the disposal. This ensures all waste materials are washed down and out of the drain. Never put large pieces of food waste into a disposal without first breaking it down into smaller and more manageable pieces. Lastly, avoid putting any of the following food types into your disposal; corn husks, corn cobs, onion peels, artichoke leaves, banana peels, celery or any other fibrous foods.

4. Dirt & Mud – Mud enters sewer and drain lines from driveways, yards and gutters. Mud and organic matter doesn’t break down into a liquid form like sewerage and tends to accumulate and create blockages.

Conventionally Cleaning & Maintaining Sewer and Drain Lines

The Plumbing Pros at FORD’S know that Clearing, Cleaning and Maintaining a sewer or drain line requires much more than just inserting rodding equipment into the line and turning on the machine. In order to get the most out of rodding equipment, FORD’S Sewer & Drain Line Specialists spend the time and do the research to best understand how the sewer and drain lines should have been installed and then they follow the steps listed below:

1. Find the most effective location for your rodding equipment by determining:
2. Determine if the stoppage is in a branch line or a trunk line.
3. Access which fixtures are served by the blocked line.
4. Locate the floor drain or fixture showing symptoms of a sewer blockage

  • Where the largest cleanout is?
  • Which cleanout allows access to the largest portion of the drain line
  • Which cleanout allows the rodder cutter head to be closest to the blockage

5. Choose the right rodding machine, cable and cutting head for the particular blockage
6. Decide if it’s best to drain the sewer line before removing the clean-out plug in order to reduce the chances of water damage.
7. Start rodding and continue until the city main or trunk line is reached.
8. Seal the clean-out plug and pressure test if possible.
9. Test the sewer or drain line to make sure the line is open

Conventional Sewer/Water Line Cleaning & Maintenance Guarantee

Some companies offer a free or inexpensive one-year guarantee on conventional sewer and drain line cleaning & maintenance services, but as we’ve shown you above, it’s virtually impossible for any company to warranty or guarantee conventional line cleaning for any length of time.

FORD’S Plumbing has served the Southland’s residential and commercial sewer and water line cleaning and maintenance needs since 1963 and we don’t play games with our customers. Short term warranties and limited time guarantees are nothing more than a marketing gimmick! It allows unscrupulous companies to periodically re-evaluate the condition of your sewer/drain lines and sell you more diagnostic tests. The additional tests invariably lead to the conclusion that some or all of your sewer or drain line needs to be excavated and replaced at great expense to you, the property owner.

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