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Trenchless Sewer/Water Line Repair & Replacement

With the latest trenchless technology, there is no longer a need to open-trench through your yard, sidewalk or driveway. An entry hole and exit hole are all that’s needed to install or replace a new sewer or water line and most if not all of your property remains intact including sprinklers, lighting systems and landscaping! FORD’S Plumbing is a strong advocate of advancement through

Trenchless Pipe Bursting & Lining

New advances in plumbing technology has changed the plumbing industry and the process of repairing and replacing sewer and water lines forever. Trenchless Pipe Bursting & Lining provides a faster, stronger and more durable alternative conventional sewer & water line trenching methods.

Wait, it gets even better! Trenchless Pipe Bursting & Lining doesn’t depend on intrusive above ground excavation and the trenchless repair and replacement process leaves your driveways, sidewalks, yards and landscaping intact and looking good.

Conventional methods of sewer line repair and replacement rely on major excavation with heavy machinery and the trenching process itself ruins yards, destroys landscaping and driveways.

Last, but not least, repairing or replacing old terminally blocked or damaged sewer/water lines with trenchless pipe bursting or lining costs significantly less than conventional repair and replacement methods. The final result is a brand new, stronger and longer lasting sewer/water line for considerably less money and inconvenience than conventional line trenching repair and replacement methods.

FORD’S 8 Step Trenchless Sewer/Water Line Repair & Replacement Process

Step 1: Using the latest video camera inspection technology, FORD’S trained professionals insert a flexible fiber optic cable with a specially designed high-resolution video camera on the tip into your sewer or water line pipe. The cable is pushed through the pipe and the video camera records it’s journey. Our video cameras are equipped with powerful lights that illuminate the interior pipe line walls and allows the waterproof video camera to see clearly and transmit quality high resolution video images back to our camera operators. This process lets us locate the exact depth and location of your existing line.

Step 2: We then dig two small entry and exit excavation points; the entry point is near your home’s foundation and the exit point is at the end of your property line.

Step 3: The holes must be large enough to fit our pipe line bursting equipment, but small enough to not be invasive to the home owner. We then remove a small section of the existing pipe off both ends to provide a clean working area to insert the new pipe and make a seamless proper connection once the new pipe lining is fully pulled through.

Step 4: The new HDPE plastic piping is then fused/welded onsite without using glue or coupled connections. This fusing process keeps intrusions of any kind from entering the pipe as it’s pulled through the existing line. HDPE plastic piping is far superior to your existing pipe which has connection points and couplings every 4 to 8 feet.

Step 5: A bullet bursting head is attached to the front of the new seamless plastic pipe and a very heavy stranded wire cable is attached to the bullet bursting head.

Step 6: A powerful hydraulic machine then pulls the bullet bursting head followed by the new pipe lining through the existing pipe line until it reaches the exit excavation point mentioned above in Step 2.

Step 7: Our hydraulic pulling machine is a very effective and it pulls the new pipe line from entry to the exit point quickly and efficiently. The entry and exit connection points are then coupled with top quality couplers designed specifically for trenchless pipe line bursting. Our Certificate of Compliance guarantees that our couplings are approved by every sewer district in our West Side and Southland coverage area.

Step 8: We then test the repaired or replaced sewer or water line system for leaks or abnormalities of any kind. The repaired or replaced line is then inspected by both our project supervisor and the city inspector for compliance and once approved, we refill the entry and exit points and go through a comprehensive checklist to ensure your property is in same condition as when we first arrived.

FORD’S Plumbing & Heating was founded in 1963 as an owner operated family business and it’s spanned four generations. New plumbing technology, state-of-the-art equipment and being well prepared allows FORD’S experienced trenchless sewer/water line repair & replacement professionals to accurately diagnose your line problems, pinpoint their exact location and recommend the most viable, cost effective and permanent sewer and water line solutions to meet your specific needs.

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