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FORD’S service policy of treating customers in the same manner that we wish to be treated has been an integral part of our plumbing, heating and drain cleaning culture since we first opened our doors for business in 1963.

Our family has accomplished many things, but if push came to shove, there’s nothing that compares with turning 50 years of good customers into 50 years of good friends.

The only thing that speaks louder than the words of our customers are videos of our customers, so sit back and see what people are saying about FORD’S Plumbing & Heating!

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Customer Testimonials from Angie’s List, Yelp + More!


We’re not big on pestering customers for testimonials or referrals, but we really enjoy reading unsolicited testimonials on Angie’s List or seeing a great review about our services posted on Yelp.

Customers trust the unbiased testimonials on Angie’s List and the straightforward reviews on Yelp to help them make sound and cost effective plumbing and heating decisions. Read more to see what customers are saying about their FORD’S Plumbing & Heating experience.

  • Alex B. – Angie’s List

    Fixed a tricky leak, and they did a great job. They’re my heroes! They were on time, did a great job and made it so I didn’t have to worry about a relapse. Very satisfied.

  • Andrew R. – Angie’s List

    They were very professional. Good mechanics. Worked neatly and professionally.

  • Charles G. – Angie’s List

    The plumber was clean, knowledgeable, friendly, and got the work done quickly. My wife and I were very impressed. We have called them with questions on other occasions, and they gave us helpful information and they never charged for their expertise or time. Great people!!

  • David B. – Angie’s List

    Reilly was great. The job was done professionally and everything was checked out after the work was done. This was the first time that we used Ford’s and I plan to use them in the future as our plumber.

  • Ellen P. – Angie’s List

    Although couldn’t come first day, did come 2nd day. Arrived on time, was friendly, professional and did the job easily. Explained the problem and told me how to do it myself and how to prevent it long term. Very satisfied.

  • Gail H. – Angie’s List

    They were always on time, reasonable, quick and efficient.

  • George E. – Angie’s List

    Called for help in the morning. This company responded most promptly. The service man arrived 2.5 hours later. He did the work in 20 minutes with excellent results. My kitchen sink drains. Perfect. Based on past experience, I had to ask twice if the price of $39.00 was correct. It turned out he was not joking. The service was good, fast and the price was extraordinary for a 1/2 hour “plumber” work.

  • Joe W. – Angie’s List

    These guys are great. I’ve used them multiple times and they are always very quick to respond, on time, and very professional and knowledgeable. On more than a few occasions I’ve had to leave them alone in the house and I always return to a cleaned up area and locked house. Usually Ryan is my plumber and it’s clear that this isn’t just some job for him. The company has been in his family for five decades and he takes a lot of pride in his performance. I will be using them for all future plumbing issues.

  • Julie Y. – Angie’s List

    My washing machine died. We purchased a new one, but when the delivery came, the folks installing the machine could not loosen the hot water hose from the spigot because of corrosion. They said that they don’t want to force it due to liability, so they left the washing machine in our house and left us to deal with the plumb-ing and connection problems ourselves. We borrowed the right tools to try to loosen the hose but couldn’t do it. My neighbor, a very handy person, tried but couldn’t do it either. Finally, we had to bite the bullet and call plumbing. I found Ford from Angie’s List. Reilly from the service came. He took a look at our problem and asked “all you want is for me to loosen the hose from the spigot”? I told him that if loosening the hose is not an option, we may just change out the entire apparatus and plumbing. Reilly borrowed our wrench and with some elbow grease, released the hose in 3 seconds! He showed us how to turn off the hot water supply in case of future leaks, and told us that there may be a little leak near the hose junction, but if we attached the new hose to the washing machine, the machine would stop the leak anyway. If we replaced the entire apparatus, it would cost us about $400. He told us he won’t charge us anything for the service he performed today. I am soooo grateful and glad that I found a plumber who is super knowledgeable and nice, who doesn’t try to over charge me for what I don’t need, and in fact didn’t charge me anything at all.Maybe he just thought the job was too small to quibble over the cost with me, but to me, what he did meant the difference between having a washing machine to use, or schlepping over to the laundromat for another week! Meeting someone like Reilly really made my day. I will use him for any plumbing needs, any time! In fact, he’d be the only person I’d call in he future.

  • Kimberly F. – Angie’s List

    I am so impressed by Reilly and Ford’s Plumbing. Everything was handled so professionally, from the scheduling to the day-to-day work- they were a breeze to deal with. Every job they have ever done for me, whether big or small, was handled with a high level of care, attention to detail and cleanliness. Everyone who I have ever dealt with at Ford’s has been wonderful, but Reilly really goes above and beyond to make sure every aspect of the job is done perfectly.

  • Kimberly W. – Angie’s List

    My friend was having a party at her apartment Friday night and the toilet started to leak, the maintenance man couldn’t be reached so I suggested calling Fords plumbing, I’ve used them myself in the past and always had a great experience. They showed up within 40 minutes, replaced the hose in the back of the toilet, and also a part inside the toilet. The plumber was respectful of the guests, quick, and even cleaned up the mess from the leak!

  • Lynn G. – Angie’s List

    came to home and evaluated problem with water heater; ordered part sent to our home; came back to install it (thermocoupling). Reilly was prompt, professional, friendly, and explained everything to us. He was there within about 10 minutes after we called for service. And we got an Angie’s List discount.

  • Meghan L. – Angie’s List

    It’s no fun having a plumbing problem but these guys are on point!! the technician got to my house within an hour of calling, fixed the leak under my sink, and never disturbed my house guests. I was expecting to pay double because of the holiday, but the plumber said its just a fixed rate. kudos to these guys!

  • Meghan L. – Angie’s List

    I called a different company that I found on the internet and they wanted to charge me close to $500 to replace my toilet. This was to much money that I could afford, so i looked on angies list and found Fords plumbing. The plumber came over and told me my toilet was only 5 years old and that the chain to the flapper was to loose, he fixed the chain within 15 minutes. He also gave me a $50 off coupon witch brought my bill down to $39. If I have any other plumbing problems (I hope I don’t) I will call them first.

  • Shawn C. – Angie’s List

    On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, our shower would not shut off. I called Ford’s a little after 4pm after I couldn’t get a hold of my condo’s usual plumber. I got through to a live person, I didn’t have to have anyone paged or leave any message. I spoke with a plumber directly and he told me that he’d be out in less than an hour. He was perfectly on time. He fixed it rather quickly, it was a broken washer on the faucet. He even cleaned out my shoer head (that shower hasn’t had that much pressure since it was new!). He gave me the bill and I was very pleasantly surprised. I would have paid double that to have someone come to my place on a Saturday late afternoon/early evening. I will be using Ford’s plumbing again.

  • Sheryl M. – Angie’s List

    They arrived on time. The gentleman who came to my house was very neat and tidey. I would tell a friend or family member if they needed something fixed I would say absolutely.

  • Sid H. – Angie’s List

    We had an excellent experience with Ford’s Plumbing. They have great customer service. I called and got an appointment right away. I had some drains that needed to be cleared. They came the next day, and the work did not take long. They were professional and clear about the job. They were straight up with the prices and the time line. They also gave me advice to keep the drains clear for the future. I was really satisfied with the service and I have been recommending them to family and friends. They are quick, honest, and efficient.

  • Suzanne V. – Angie’s List

    I am very impressed by this company. I was in a panic because I had houseguests arriving the next day. They sent a technician out to me within hours of my phone call — and exactly on time — a few days before Christmas. After a very thorough inspection, the wonderful plumber (unfortunately can’t remember his name) reported that only one sink had any problems and he’d already fixed it! It turned out to be a poorly adjusted plunger was keeping water in the sink, not any actual problem with my pipes. He could easily have puttered around for ages and then charged me a lot. I would never have been the wiser. But he refused to take any money at all because the problem had been so very minor. Wow. No doubt in my mind who I will be calling/recommending.

  • Sylvia R. – Angie’s List

    Great experience. Ford’s sent someone out within 3 hours of my initial call. He diagnosed and fixed the problem with the garbage disposal quickly — it’s an old, very rusty unit that should be replaced for the long term, but for the short term, spraying some WD-40 loosened it up enough to get it functioning again. He was very nice and professional and worked quickly, and provided advice on using the coupon that would maximize a discount on the job. Would definitely use them again.